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 How to customize your form body 
You can replace this text, which is 100% customizable with the editor that will appear by clicking on it. That will allow you to customize fonts type, fonts sizes, insert links or bullet points lists. 

 How to customize your form 
Just click on the first palette button and pick your form layout. You can do this anytime, even if your promo is running, and RunRunPromos will change your form structure on real-time.

The second button will allow you to insert any field you like. Once fields are inserted, you can move them around, even across tabs, edit their names and validation messages. The field font types sizes are editable through the paint pot next to each field. In order to create a form with several tabs, please click on the pencil in the tab zone. This will allow you to add, edit or delete tabs.

You can customize backgrounds by clicking on them or on the third palette button. If you want to insert your RGB or HTML sizes are editable through the paint pot next to each field. To insert your logo or promo images, just click on them and upload your image. You can resize your logo image just taking it with your mouse and adjusting the desired size. You can then make your image fit or repeat on the 'image fit' Click on the fourth button on the right hand palette and insert the social sharing buttons you want.

This is the footer where you might want to insert a disclaimer.